Monday, July 11, 2011

Padmanabha Swamy Temple Treasure

Many journalists have written about the valuables which were explored from the vault of Sreepadmanabha temple. I don’t like to vomit the same here. I am trying to answer a few questions which arose after the disclosure of the treasure.

Questions are simple; but the answers are complex enough to dilapidate whole country.

‘Q1’ To whom does the trove belongs to; to government or to the royal family?

Public have different opinion on this. A few like Sukumar Azhikode; said that government must take this treasure. The Chairman of the exploration team; Justice M.N Krishnan said that this is not a treasure. When we interpret the word treasure we will come to know that the treasure is a collection of fortune which is taken out by somebody and the source is unknown. Vis-à-vis with the interpretation of the word ‘treasure’, this newly found fortune is not a treasure since many stories about this was spread across Trivandrum before centuries and the source is known. Hence government can’t attach this trove.

In my perception the best answer for this question was given by the king, his highness Utradam Thirunal Marthanda Varma in front of honorable Supreme Court of India and the answer is “No part of the wealth belongs to any person except the deity, Lord Padmanabhaswamy”

‘Q2’ What is to be done with the wealth?

This is a million dollar question. Like first question this too have a trillion answers. Among them a few are like this;

‘India is a secular land so the treasure must be divided to all’

‘This wealth belongs to Hindu; it is used for the development of Hindus’

‘Must be attached to the Government’

‘Preserve it in a museum and allow public’

All these answers are indirectly pointing towards loot. I have an answer to this question.

“India has more black money than any other countries. $1.4 trillion black money is deposited in the Swiss Bank by Indian politicians and officers. This amount is 14 times larger than our foreign debt. But the government is still playing hide and seek with this. This money belongs to the people of India. But neither the politicians nor the Court is ready to attach this back to our treasury. At first please bring our money back; then think to loot almighty”

Now it’s your turn to evaluate the answer…….


  1. What should be done? Can we bury it back there and relax as if nothing had happened?

    It should be preserved in a museum, and should be guarded against any attempt to move, sell, steal, or tampered with. Its not just 'Wealth' in the literal meaning. Its really 'Wealth' which cannot be valued at all.

  2. I agree with you.... the treasure must be preserved in a museum. But after 50 years a few valuables will rest in the showcase of rich. Tippu's sword is a best example for this. We must consider all probabilities and then decide the place to preserve this.

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  4. ente abhiprayathil ambalathil thanne irickunnatha nallathu