Thursday, July 14, 2011

It Is Not Politics.... It is 'Poli'-'Tricks'

From our schooling itself we are familiar with the question “Which is the biggest democratic country in this world?” I don’t like to mention the answer here because all of us know the answer.

I pay respect to the democracy of our country. It put an end to the ruling of Kings. Now we have freedom to select the government. We have been enjoying this freedom for the last 63 years. A Government is ruling us…. We select parliamentarians who represent a political party and the political party with majority of members rules us.

Neither a king nor a royal family has any upper hand in this ruling; that means we are selecting the rulers. After a close examination we can realize that we are under the yoke of king and royal family now.

This is our 63rd year of independence. Our first Prime Minister was Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and he ruled us for 17 years (till death). His followers were Gulzarilal Nanda and Lal Bahadur Shastri both from Indian National Congress. Next was Indira Gandhi and she was from Nehru family. She ruled for 15 years followed by her son Rajeev Gandhi who ruled for four years. Right now our P.M is Manmohan Singh but the actual ruling is from Nehru family. UPA Chairperson is controlling the Government. By obvious reason we know that next P.M will be Rahul Gandhi.

These statistics show that India is under the control of a ‘royal’ family ‘Nehru family’. The members of this family don’t need any hard work or a social work experience for becoming a leader. Rahul Gandhi is visiting kiosks across India. He had visited a kiosk in Kerala. He visited Kerala two times even before emerging as a political leader. That time he was not this much benevolent. He stayed and ate from star hotels but now he is eating from kiosk. Is it funny, isn’t it?

Scenario is same in the case of state government too. All political leaders are enrolling their children to the political feast. Karunanidhi, H.D Deva Gowda, Y.S.R, K.M Mani, K. Karunakaran, Sarath Powar, Shibu Sorren etc. are best exemplars for enrolling their children to the politics. In India politics is turned as a monopoly of a few families. They are the king and the king makers.

We fools are ignorant about this political game. We are giving votes to them. They are making use of this and depositing the money in the Swiss bank. Now think about this political game…..

We are under the yoke of king, aren’t we?


  1. very good thought...but we,the people,should be blamed for electing these so called kings again and again and again..We have the power to elect our leaders and those guyz are elected bcoz ppl have faith in i think the blame is on us not the happy that u found time to think about our nation

    Jai Hind!!!

  2. We need meritocracy in lieu of democracy

  3. India is a democratic kingdom :-)